Saturday, May 27, 2017

Good intentions will always end well.

4 years after.

I have moved on from my last 'adventure'  (or more like my last posting here).

What happened after the last posting was, I got sued by the 2 staff, but I decided not to contest because I had no interest to see them anymore and I was getting help by dear Ex. So I paid them off and cut them off from all contacts.

Since then, I started my quilt and sewing business, and last year, I got my real estate license to finally start a new business in Real Estate.

I am still very much in touch with my Kumon family and hoping to still contribute to the Kuon world in the future. Some way or others.

Cheerio! hope to start a new blog on the new "ADVENTURE".

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Confirmed : i am free

With all the pressing issues out of the way, monthly help from ex husband, part time tutoring and sewing business looking not too bad....i should be happy and start a new blog.

I will now leave this blog and not look back anymore. 

It has been a nice journey, not necessarily wonderful but it has made me a wonderful, clever and dignified person I believe I am today. Alhamdulillah. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Calming down....

Today was a tough day for me. I kept thinking about the problem I am facing. I slept a lot too. Later, I found out it is also PMS. How am I going to handle this? PMS? + the pressing issues. Tried seeking help from my ex husband, he hasnt replied. Probably...not huh? I am so stuck now. 

Not feeling too good again

Tonight I just feel like crap. I am still quite disturbed by the problem I am facing right now. I managed to secure an appointment with the labour officer next Thursday and he clearly said that the compensation is something I do need to pay. How am I going to get the money? Mr R mentioned that he is able to fork up the money on an instalment basis. However, knowing the monkeys, they will want it one lump sum. 

I suppose I should focus on getting that about it with the officer. My aim now is to settle it before the 20th of August. I dont even wish to face them next month. I would puke.

What have we got ourselves into?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not over?

What a I approached the centre, and as soon as I parked, I saw the 2 former staff (me, being polite!) standing at the corridor of the centre building. They didn't see me. So, I drove off. I have no intention to see them. I really dont have the energy to deal with them anymore. All these years, all my wasted energy on them. Enough is enough.

I have also decided that I should not go in the centre anymore. 

Mr R said he'll swing by later cos he has something to tell me. I wonder what the story is now. So tired of all these now. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

I am retired!!!

I can finally shout it out. The road trip to Ipoh never happened. But i was just happy to stay around the house. 

Things have gone really slow, just the way i want it to be around here, at least for this month. My heart is resting and recuperating.

I am sewing and getting orders, so that is quite nice. 

Right now, i have to start taking care of myself, and my health. I will end this blog right now, and will probably start a new blog just about my journey and adventure from now. I have done what i needed to do and everything ended well. Alhamdulillah. 

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Hope that was the end of it......

Last week was one of the toughest week I've ever experienced in my Kumon career. Right after declaring my retirement, I had to deal with my former staff. Nothing turned out right for them. They were against everything and everything to them were against them. 

We (my successor and I) had to use all the sources we had to sort this out. There were lawyers, policemen, People from HQ....and a few mlre involved. Scenes were created and ugly scenes they were to me. Although I wasnt there to witness anything, I was pretty well informed. Every single thing that happened. 

Yesterday was my 1st day back at the centre. Although I was happy and calm, my heart needed time to be more at peace. I believe the retirement time for me has come. It is time to let go for real. So, i will not stay for too long. Next month, I will be sitting in at another centre. My 2nd home really. Just for 3 weeks, and 8 days in total. September, i should free myself.

I am beginning to slowly enjoy the so called 'retirement'. This weekend, I have a road trip to Ipoh with Wanaz in her Angry Bird covered vintage mini minor. Awesome!!!